Dare To Wear…?

Jayne Min in Ellery Flares

Jayne Min in Ellery

The flare.   This retro style has been bubbling just under fashion’s radar for several seasons now, but this spring, with a seventies revival in full swing, it’s filtering into the mainstream.

As well as appearing on many designer catwalks (including Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci and Tommy Hilfiger) the flare (in its less extreme forms) is also featuring in glossy magazine editorials, and seems to be much more prominent in many of the high end denim campaigns…

Frame Denim & J Brand Spring/Summer 2015 Campaigns

Now, I’m not a huge fan of this typically high waisted, wide legged style, mainly because from a personal point of view, it simply doesn’t suit me.  But also, it’s such a tricky look to pull off.  Balancing proportion and volume are key, and even those at the top of fashion’s tree can fall foul of the flare.  Compare these two shots from the same story in the February edition of Harper’s Bazaar US…

The styling here of model Jamie Bochert shows quite clearly (and undoubtedly inadvertently!) the do’s and don’ts of wide leg jean wearing.

Will you dare to wear?

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Image Credits: Tommy Ton for style.com / The Daily Front Row / Harper’s Bazaar / We Are So Droeë



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