The Red Carpet Ruse

“The morning after a splendid showing on the red carpet, after everyone has discussed who looked marvelous and who should try harder, few people are rhapsodizing over the skill of a bias cut or the brilliant use of beading. The designer names go virtually unmentioned.”

Why the red carpet is bad for fashion’ – Robin Givhan

I’ve long been an avid avoider of anything to do with red carpet fashion, so needless to say the title of Robin Givhan’s recent article for The Washington Post grabbed my attention.

I may be a lone voice here, but I find the constant stream of “…pretty –  but safe – formal gown(s)…” that have become award season staples quite frustrating. The majority of stars seem to want to conform to a certain red carpet ‘ideal’ rather than express any form of individual style, which does little to inspire.

I agree with Robin wholeheartedly when she says that in today’s world, Hollywood needs fashion more than fashion needs Hollywood, and hope that when (if) the penny finally drops, we’ll see a move firmly away from film stars in fashion shoots and on the covers of the glossies back to models, with the clothes, and their creators, taking centre stage.

In an age of social media, live streaming and the selfie, do designers really need to continue to court celebrities?

What do you think?

Read Robin Givhan’s article in full here



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