Looks Familiar…

Zara vs Prada

Zara have just launched their spring/summer 2015 campaign, and as usual there are more than a few ‘references’ to the season’s designer collections.  There’s a nod to Prada (above) and a touch of Tommy Hilfiger…

Zara vs Tommy Hilfiger

But the overriding ‘influence’ seems to be the Chloé girl.  Here are just a few of the catwalk comparisons…

Chloé Spring/Summer 2015

Zara Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Now, I love high street fashion, but season after season Zara in particular does seem to tread a very fine line between ‘echoing’ and blatantly copying looks from the catwalk. And while this may be a boon for us the consumers, as well as Zara’s bottom line, where does it leave the original creators?  Is imitation the greatest form of flattery? What do you think?

See the Chloé Spring/Summer 2015 Collection here and Zara Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign here

Image Credits: We Are So Droeë / style.com

2 thoughts on “Looks Familiar…

  1. Completely agree, although personally I think all high street stores try to make their take on designer pieces, they just dont always produce such great quality items. Also lovely blog! Emily x


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