Best Dressed…?

Style, art, and choice are so varied and personal, how can we even begin to assign best and worst to them? It’s like trying to explain what’s funny or delicious, it’s a matter of taste and variation.

‘Rejecting the best dressed list’ – Wendy Syfret

I’ve long wondered the worth of the so called best dressed list, and this quote from Wendy Syfret’s Think Piece for i-D sums up its inherent problem perfectly.

As with Red Carpet fashion, I try to avoid these lists at all costs.  They tend to feature the usual ‘A List’ suspects and celebrity clothes horses, who are typically dressed head to toe in donated designer clothes.  And shouldn’t it actually be their stylists taking the credit (or the blame if their clients makes the worst dressed list!)?

And what of the judges?  With something as personal as fashion, does the opinion of these ‘experts’ really count?  Are their views of value to anyone other than those who appear on the lists?

But these, of course, are my views.  What are yours?

Read Wendy Syfret’s article in full here



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