The Outnet: In or Out of Style?

The Outnet Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

The Outnet Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Despite the abundance of fashion on the internet, I still look to print magazines for inspiration, and the advertising campaigns are often just as, if not more inspirational than the editorial.  However, there are exceptions…

As you know, I’m very much of the opinion that what’s considered ‘fashionable’ is a matter of personal taste.  But there are occasions when the styling of a campaign by a big brand leaves me speechless.  And this soft focus advertisement for The Outnet, which appears in the current issue of Porter magazine, is a case in point.

Putting aside the fact that this is not a look which I personally favour, there are stylistic errors here that would make me even less likely to want to buy into it, or the brand. Here are just a few of my bugbears…

  • The leather jacket is far too big and boxy to be paired with the soft skirt.
  • The fullness of the skirt should be balanced by a shorter, more fitted top half.
  • The skirt is the statement piece, but it’s been paired with shoes that are also fighting for attention.
  • The bag is too big and bulky to be paired with the very feminine skirt.

in my opinion, the look seems to be a haphazard mixture of separates which simply don’t work well together.

These three lovely ladies, on the other hand, show how it should be done…

I’ve bought some amazing pieces from The Outnet in the past, including a just perfect Saint Laurent leather dress, so it’s frustrating when a brand that has so much to offer is, I feel, let down by its advertising.  What do you think?

Image Credits: Porter / Pinterest



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