Virtual Reality

Hugo Boss FW15

This shot of the Hugo Boss runway at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday was taken by Jo Ellison, Fashion Editor of the Financial Times.  Captioned ‘FROW iPhones’ it’s further evidence, as if any were needed, of the way digital media has changed fashion forever.

It’s sad to see those lucky invitees essentially missing out on the spectacle of a live show, in favour of watching it virtually though their various media devices.

Perhaps they’re rather runway weary after so many seasons of watching show after show, and observing the fall of a perfectly cut pair of trousers or the elaborate beadwork on a beautiful dress is no longer enough? Or are they simply keen to increase their army of social media followers by being among the first to upload their runway snaps or video footage to Instagram or Twitter?

And what of Jason Wu, the designer? How does he, as well as the other designers, feel about the lack of attention being paid to their clothes, and more thought being given to capturing an (often blurred) shot? Is the increase in publicity afforded by social media worth it?

With the cost of staging a runway show routinely running into tens of thousands of pounds, the thought must have crossed the minds of the powers that be as to the merits of the event.  An increasing number of designers have already eschewed the traditional show in favour of an intimate presentation to a select group of press and buyers.

The fashion industry is certainly not alone in dealing with this digital media phenomenon, and I wonder what impact it will have on live events in the future…

What do you think?



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