Carte Blanche

Francois Chanpsaur Apartment

“To me, design is the meeting point between thought and matter; thorough and personal thinking implemented with a certain know-how. We’ve been losing sight of that. Thinking has been globalized and know-how is disappearing. We must stop this trend. One should be able to recognize the human touch in anything…François Champsaur

Interior designer and architect François Champsaur was given carte blanche by the owners of this Paris apartment when renovating the space, and the results are stunning. Walls have been removed creating a vast open area, with the use of ‘dividers’, features in themselves, cleverly separating the apartment into rooms…

And the combination of different finishes adds that essential ‘human touch’ to the minimalist space…

Francois Champsaur Apartment











My favourite feature?  It has to be the fabulous fireplace….

Source: My Dubio



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