Who’s That Girl?

Fernanda Hin Lin Ly

This shock of pink hair has been popping up all over the internet.  It belongs to Australian model Fernanda Hin Lin Ly, and I love it!

The pretty rose pink shade saw her steal the show at her recent Fashion Week debut…

Fernanda Hin Lin Ly

Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2015

And here she is snapped street style in Paris…

Fernanda Hin Lin Ly

Definitely one to watch.

Image Credits: Alice in Wonderland / style.com / Citizen Couture


The Fine Art of Retail

Christopher Kane Mount Street Store

Christopher Kane

In her recent article for the Financial Times, Aimee Farrell discusses how today’s luxury labels are creating gallery style spaces to entice customers into their stores.

Celine Mount Street Store


Sadly, many women do feel rather intimated when faced with such ‘quiet’ spaces, but to me, they embody what fashion retail should be, whatever the price point.

Victoria Beckham Dover Street Store

Victoria Beckham

Many fast fashion stores, which seem to subscribe to the ‘pile it high sell it cheap’ school of retail,  to my mind, serve to devalue fashion.  The way the merchandise is displayed (and I use that word loosely) simply perpetuates the current trend for ‘disposable’ clothing.

These beautiful London boutiques showcase fashion as it should be, with curated collections thoughtfully and respectfully presented.

Surely shopping should be an experience to enjoy, rather than a mundane chore? What do you think?

Read Aimee Farrell’s article in full here

Image Credits: WGSN / Chiara Ravaioli / Financial Times

Parisian Chic

Vanessa Bruno SS15

Vanessa Bruno was among several designers who chose to skip the runway this season, so it was a lovely surprise to receive this paper presentation in the post last week.

The booklets showcase the French designer’s mainline collection, and I love this black and white skirt, which is made of  individually applied fabric flowers, as well as the patchwork denim shirt, which looks sharp rather than shabby chic…

The clutch of postcards promote the designer’s second line, Vanessa Bruno Athé, and this petrol blue knit paired with the cute black skirt get my vote…

Vanessa Bruno Athe SS15

See the full Vanessa Bruno spring/summer 2015 collection here

The One that Got Away…

Céline Luggage Collection Summer 2015

Céline’s ‘Luggage’ collection makes a welcome return to the spotlight for summer 2015.  The hugely successful style has taken a back seat, campaign wise, in recent seasons, in favour of other totes launched by the French house, which, in my opinion, haven’t quite hit the same spot.  But as the proud owner of a beautiful black leather ‘Lugagge’ bag I’m obviously going to be biased…

My one disappointment?  The gold embossed logo and hardware. I do favour silver with black, although there are exceptions, but I was prepared to live with the black/gold pairing in this instance, given the very subtle details and the fact that gold was the only option.  Or so I thought…

At the end of last year I spied an identical style on sale at London’s Dover Street Market fashioned with silver!  Here it is captured front and centre on Instagram…

Celine / Dover Street Market

Not being in any position to justify, let alone afford, two Céline bags I simply had to admire it from afar and left the shop empty handed.  But I still think about that ‘perfect’ bag, which from this subsequent post on Instagram now has a brand new home…

Celine / Dover Street Market

Image Credits: Céline Summer 2015 Campaign / emzgalz / grace_mxo

The Muse

Kristen Stewart for Chanel 2015

Kristen Stewart for Chanel

Actress Kristen Stewart is one of three ‘muses’ who feature in Chanel’s latest handbag campaign.  While the motive behind the use of famous faces to promote a brand is that we, the customers, will then be more likely to buy into it, what if the faces in question simply don’t fit…

Kristen Stewart for Chanel 2015

I have to say that I agree with this Tweet posted by The Fashion Law’s Julie Zerbo. To me, neither Kristen Stewart, nor Alice Dellal, another Chanel muse, simply don’t embody the famous French brand, and featuring them in their campaigns actually turns me off.

I’m sure the powers that be take this into account when they choose who they work with each season, and it’s clear that by aligning these two women with the brand, creative director Karl Lagerfeld is trying to appeal to a particular customer base. But to me, Chanel implies a certain style and standing, which I simply don’t think these women convey.

In contrast, I was completely taken by this shot in The Guardian’s recent supplement, The Fashion…

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 – The Guardian

Ultimately, celebrity sells so whether good or bad, the publicity garnered from certain stars is obviously worth any business risk.  But would solely focusing on the clothes and/or accessories be so detrimental to a brand?  What do you think?

Image Credits: style.com / The Fashion Law / The Guardian

Fashion in Freehand

Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2015

Another fabulous set of fashion illustrations by Japanese artist Miyuki Ohashi.  I love her work!

Lanvin / Givenchy / Chanel Autumn/Winter 2015

Image Credits: style.com / Miyuki Ohashi