The Lure of the Celebrity Clothing Line

Why are we so ready to buy into celebrity endorsed fashion collaborations?

Greg French – i-D Magazine

This is a question I ask myself every time I read that yet another celebrity has ‘designed’ a collection for a well known brand, and I’m still searching for an answer…

While the benefits to the big brands, and the celebrities, are clear (as Greg French goes on to say in his article, “Nothing sells better than celebrity…”), I continue to be puzzled as to why.  Why does celebrity sell?  What does it say about us, the consumers, that we are ready, and more than willing, to spend our hard earned money on clothing lines that may have an ‘association’ with a star?  And more often than not, a star without any formal design training?

In this age of fashion democracy, where an abundance of choice has replaced a strict set of unifying trends, perhaps we are simply seeking the comfort of new tribes to follow.  Instead of buying into a set of seasonally correct looks prescribed by fashion’s top designers, we are now buying into perceived ‘lifestyles’ via the celebrity endorsed product. Has dressing like our favourite stars replaced dressing in the latest trends?

But, and for me it’s a big but, buying a piece of celebrity endorsed clothing is not the same as buying a piece of clothing that our favourite celebrities may be known for wearing.  It’s the latter which draws us into their world, but the former is how they, and the brands in question, capitalise on our adoration.  Once a collection has been launched, it’s rare, if ever, that the celebrity ‘designer’ is seen wearing it, other than for promotional purposes. So, what exactly are we buying, and why?

Thoughts and comments are welcome!

Read Greg French’s article in full here



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