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Kristen Stewart for Chanel 2015

Kristen Stewart for Chanel

Actress Kristen Stewart is one of three ‘muses’ who feature in Chanel’s latest handbag campaign.  While the motive behind the use of famous faces to promote a brand is that we, the customers, will then be more likely to buy into it, what if the faces in question simply don’t fit…

Kristen Stewart for Chanel 2015

I have to say that I agree with this Tweet posted by The Fashion Law’s Julie Zerbo. To me, neither Kristen Stewart, nor Alice Dellal, another Chanel muse, simply don’t embody the famous French brand, and featuring them in their campaigns actually turns me off.

I’m sure the powers that be take this into account when they choose who they work with each season, and it’s clear that by aligning these two women with the brand, creative director Karl Lagerfeld is trying to appeal to a particular customer base. But to me, Chanel implies a certain style and standing, which I simply don’t think these women convey.

In contrast, I was completely taken by this shot in The Guardian’s recent supplement, The Fashion…

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 – The Guardian

Ultimately, celebrity sells so whether good or bad, the publicity garnered from certain stars is obviously worth any business risk.  But would solely focusing on the clothes and/or accessories be so detrimental to a brand?  What do you think?

Image Credits: / The Fashion Law / The Guardian



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