The Fine Art of Retail

Christopher Kane Mount Street Store

Christopher Kane

In her recent article for the Financial Times, Aimee Farrell discusses how today’s luxury labels are creating gallery style spaces to entice customers into their stores.

Celine Mount Street Store


Sadly, many women do feel rather intimated when faced with such ‘quiet’ spaces, but to me, they embody what fashion retail should be, whatever the price point.

Victoria Beckham Dover Street Store

Victoria Beckham

Many fast fashion stores, which seem to subscribe to the ‘pile it high sell it cheap’ school of retail,  to my mind, serve to devalue fashion.  The way the merchandise is displayed (and I use that word loosely) simply perpetuates the current trend for ‘disposable’ clothing.

These beautiful London boutiques showcase fashion as it should be, with curated collections thoughtfully and respectfully presented.

Surely shopping should be an experience to enjoy, rather than a mundane chore? What do you think?

Read Aimee Farrell’s article in full here

Image Credits: WGSN / Chiara Ravaioli / Financial Times



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