The Right Stripes

The Right Stripes

Stripes never seem to go out of style, and a Breton top manages to achieve that perfect balance between striking and understatement.  However, according to costume designer Alison Freer, there is a formula for ensuring you’re wearing the right stripes…

In her new book ‘How to Get Dressed‘, the American author claims that a ratio of 90:10, i.e. 90 light to 10 dark stripes, creates the perfect balanced look, adding further fuel to the perennial horizontal stripe wearing (fire) debate.

I haven’t tried to work out whether the stripes sported by these lovely ladies comply with this new ‘rule’, or whether the Bretons hanging in my wardrobe are the ‘right stripes’.  Life is too short!

And anyway, aren’t rules, especially in fashion, meant to be broken?

Source: The Guardian

Image Credits: Pinterest


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