New Surroundings

Work Space As I’m sure my clients will be pleased to learn, I do actually practice what I preach, and edit my wardrobe on a regular basis.  For me, this isn’t just an essential task, but something I enjoy.  I like to make sure that my wardrobe is only ever filled with pieces that I love, which make me feel good, and spending an hour or two clearing out the clutter and reorganising my favourites, is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

And it was only a week or so ago, when I was going through a particular stressful period work wise, that I realised this approach to my wardrobe could probably be put to use elsewhere. It dawned on me that the ‘sterile’ space that had become my office wasn’t helping my mood at all, and I needed to surround myself with things that I love.

So, I invested in some coordinating stationery, a Diptyque candle in my favourite scent, newly discovered Grown Alchemist lip and hand creams and a small but beautiful house plant, and what a difference!

All artfully displayed around my workspace, my office is now a pleasure to be in, and for very little time, effort or expense.  And I now look forward to a day spent desk bound, whatever life may throw at me!



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