Trainer Trainee!

Trainer Collection

My Growing Trainer Collection

I am SO late to the party as far as trainer wearing is concerned. But there’s a good (read not so good) reason for my recent conversion to fashion’s sneaker trend.

I’m a boots girl, always have been.  But recently, my footwear of choice, or should I say my footwear choices, have started to play havoc with my feet.  So, thank goodness for trainers!

Previously, I’ve never felt fashion’s current favourite shoe to be ‘smart’ enough to work with the way I like to dress, but I’ve now found that as long as I stick to certain styles and team them with something such as a pair of tailored trousers, a white shirt or black blazer, I still feel like me…

So, for the time being at least, with comfort being the order of the day, I can now help my feet to heel without sacrificing my style. I may yet become a fan…

Image Credits: Pinterest



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