New Found Favourites

Make Up Forever

Meet the new additions to my make up bag…

Make Up Forever wasn’t a brand I was familiar with, so when I saw that their store in St Tropez was offering one hour lessons, I decided it was an ideal opportunity to get to know the products, and hopefully, pick up some useful tips and tricks along the way.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Thankfully, my make up artist Olivia spoke slightly better English than I do French! And we managed to get through the hour with the help of a few hand gestures and more than a few laughs.  I wanted a very natural look, and she introduced me to some great products which I was delighted to bring home with me.

The first step in our sixty minute session was a rather scary looking green coloured primer.  This ‘Skin Equalizer’ counteracts redness, and the fine liquid helps to even out my skin tone. You simply brush it on where its needed.

In place of a traditional foundation, Olivia used the brand’s ‘Face & Body Liquid Make Up’, which is a water based gel.  This is so very light, but gives a lovely satin finish to my skin.  If, like me,  you struggle with the ‘one colour fits all’ BB and CC creams or tinted moisturisers, this product, which comes in 19 shades, is well worth trying.

The final step to achieving my natural base was the ‘Camouflage Cream Palette’. This comes in five different colourways, and for me, Olivia chose the ‘Professional’ palette.  Again, the green shade was used to counteract redness, and she used the orange to hide the blue tones in the inner corners of my eyes, and the light beige as a general concealer.

What struck me most about these products is how light they feel on my skin, without compromising on coverage or finish. They’re perfect for the warmer weather, when you don’t want to feel as though you’re caked in make up, but still want to look polished.  I think you can probably tell I’m a fan…

You can find details of your local Make Up Forever store here



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