Fashion on Film

Fashion films, or to be more precise, videos shot as part of a house’s seasonal campaign, can, in my opinion, be very hit and miss.

Unlike a print campaign, where it’s the reader who largely determines the narrative, a film requires the makers to take the viewer on a journey, and often that journey can be a rather strange one – pre-Christmas adverts for perfume immediately spring to mind.

I find that very often those ‘strange’ journeys, or storylines, detract from the clothes the films are designed to promote, and not in a good way, and so it’s not unusual for me to switch off most films well before they’ve finished.

However, the video I’ve posted here, shot by Bruce Weber as part of Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2015/6 campaign, held my attention to the very end. It’s shot in black and white, which peaked my interest instantly (my love of monochrome is no secret) and the fact that it also stars model favourite of mine Freja Beha Erichsen certainly helped.  But what blue me away most, was how much the clothes stood out and took centre stage, where of course they should be.

The patterns, textures and finishes seem to just ‘pop’ from the screen, and the atmosphere created by the film, as well as  the sultry hair and makeup, give the clothes an edge which I’ve instantly fallen for.  I may be succumbing to Louis’ charms…

More like this please!


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