Carine Confidential

It’s now two years since premium online retailer launched its series of interviews with inspiring women from the creative industries, and their latest interviewee is Carine Roitfeld.  What took them so long!

The former editor-in-chief of French Vogue is now Harpers Bazaar’s global fashion director and the founder and editor of her own magazine, CR Fashion Book.  Her career in this most fickle of industries spans almost 30 years, which is certainly impressive.  But for me, it is her confident and self assured personal style that I admire most.  She is one of a handful of women who have developed a true ‘signature’ style of dressing, which she carries off effortlessly.

In this short film the editor and stylist talks about the importance of playing to your strengths – she regularly shows off her great legs in form fitting pencil skirts – and her less is more approach to dressing. She also dismisses fashion’s fads and fantasies, preferring to be guided, simply, by what she likes.

If you would like to see more of Mme Roitfeld do watch ‘Mademoiselle C‘, a documentary that follows this most stylish subject in the months leading up to the launch of her eponymous magazine. It provides a fascinating insight into the workings of the fashion industry and the lives of the people who inhabit Carine’s world.

What did I enjoy most about the film?  Seeing Carine the person, rather than the fashion personality. You discover the real woman behind the clothes.

Read more about Carine on here

Image Credits: Pinterest 


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