Refined Rebellion

Refined RebellionPunk Staples Grow Up – T Magazine

The subculture’s calling cards – studs, leather, mesh – once broadcast gritty rebellion; now, they convey, wry, refined edge.

This recent accessories shoot by Carlotta Manaigo and Haidee Findlay-Levin for T Magazine captures just perfectly how ‘anti-establishment’ punk style continues to be co-opted by the mainstream. Repackaged and refined by designers, the original ‘calling cards’ remain firm fashion favourites.

And it’s not just punk’s style staples that serve as a constant reference.  In the latest Chanel campaign, the brand’s traditional tweeds are tempered by model Anna Ewers’ dramatic black eye makeup and amazing modern mohican!

Anna Ewers / Chanel Fall 2015 Campaign

Chanel Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign

Image Credits: T Magazine / Fashion Gone Rogue


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