There’s Something About A Stripe…

There's Something About A Stripe

Saint Laurent / Isabel Marant / Sonia Rykiel

Fall/Winter 2015/16

Worn by everyone from Patti Smith to The Ramones, Kurt Cobain to Kate Middleton, the Breton top is somewhat unique in that is has become a marker of classic French chic but can still garner countercultural associations.

Amber Butchart – The Pool

It will probably come as little surprise to learn that prints and patterns do not feature predominantly in my wardrobe.  Far from it.  I can probably count on one hand the concessions I’ve made to my mostly monochrome closet.  However, one significant exception to this is the stripe – in black and white of course.  Its counterculture associations certainly sit well with my style.

But as Amber Butchart notes, the Breton stripe has universal appeal, and as a perennial fashion favourite each season brings fresh stripe wearing inspiration. Fall/winter 2015/16 is no exception, and I love these three particular runway looks which were featured in a recent online article by Vogue Paris.

If you haven’t yet fallen in line, maybe this season it’s time to earn your stripes…

Read Amber Butchart’s article on the history of the Breton stripe  here

See more stripe wearing style inspiration on my dedicated Pinterest board here

Image Credits: Vogue Paris


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