Back to Black

Back to Black / Nailberry

Now that summer is officially over and the weather is turning more wintery, it’s time for me to say goodbye to my nude nails and get back to black.  I love a dark nail, and my wardrobe of winter colours is very simple – the blackest blacks and deep black/reds.  Chanel’s ‘Rouge Noir’ is still one of my favourites.

However, while I enjoy wearing these dark shades, come spring it’s clear that my nails haven’t enjoyed the experience as much.  Despite using premium base coats and polishes I suffer terribly from discoloured nails, so for the first few months of the new season, when I like my nails to look more natural, they tend to have a yellow tinge until the staining has grown out.  Lovely.  So when I read about Nailberry’s ‘oxygenated’ range I was more than a little intrigued…

These specially developed products, which include a base and a top coat, are breathable, allowing water and air pass to pass through, which apparently helps to prevent nails from staining.  They are also free from many of the chemicals traditionally found in other brands.

Back to Black / Nailberry

I wore the ‘Blackberry’ shade from Nailberry’s L’Oxygéné range last week, a beautiful glossy black, using both the recommended base and top coat, and first impressions are promising.  The three products each apply extremely well, and the colour lasted for almost a week before it started to chip.  Most importantly for me, it left no signs of discolouration on my nails.

There’s obviously a long way to go before I can safely say that these products really do deliver.  And I’ve also invested  in their black/red ‘Noirberry’ shade, so it will be interesting to see how this compares to my Chanel favourite.  Watch this space…

Read more about Nailberry here 



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