Raw Romance

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This avant-garde Copenhagen apartment is home to Swedish stylist Ingeborg Wolf and her boyfriend Claus Larsen.

The black, white and grey interior is an homage to fashion designer Rick Owens – Ingeborg is a huge fan.  And her love of Owens’ aesthetic is further evidenced by the wood, leather and metal accents used throughout, many of which were made by Claus himself.

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I cannot concentrate if there is too much clutter and too many colours.

Ingeborg Wolf


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What a stunning home!

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Image Credits: vosgesparis.com via bobedre.dk


DKNY’S New Duo

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DKNY Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Known for their unique take on tailored sportswear, Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne presented their first collection for DKNY this season, and their background in menswear clearly influenced this premier runway outing.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

With the pinstripe as primary reference, across what was a predominantly black and white offering which also featured elements of deconstruction and layering, this was a collection that was bound to catch my attention.

I’m definitely warming to this new DKNY woman…

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Image Credits: fashiongonerogue.com / vogue.com


The Art of Arranging Things

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In this age of Instagram and the flat lay, it seems that arranging things has indeed become an art form – I have to admit that one of my Pinterest boards is even dedicated to ‘display’.  But what may seem like a recent obsession was actually discussed by artist and architect Leonard Koren in his 2003 book, ‘Arranging Things: A Rhetoric of Object Placement’.

What began as an attempt to understand what made the arrangements he saw so extraordinary, and what it was that gave certain displays their “imaginative vitality” resulted in his eight principles of object placement…

1. Hierarchy: Establishing variations in height, shape and depth as they relate to their surroundings. The more conspicuous the object, the more important it is in the arrangement’s context. 

2. Alignment: Orientation of objects relative to each other, such as perpendicular and parallel lines, symmetry and stacking.

3. Sensorality: Qualities that appeal to the senses, including colour, texture, pattern and tactility.

4. Metaphor: Abstract connotations connecting the objects to a place or mood. For example, “When a smooth rock, a shell, a bottle of sunscreen and a large towel sitting on a beige surface cease to be merely four objects on the floor, but instead are transformed into a symbol for the seashore.”

5. Mystification: A wild card, be it purposeful or absentmindedness that pairs unexpected objects. “When aspects of an arrangement don’t make sense, but seem like they should.”

6. Narrative: What story the combination of objects communicates, whether linear, abstract, or just the description of a scene.

7. Coherence: How physicality and story come together, forming a unified idea, shape or palette.

8. Resonance: Personal meaning, unique significance; how the objects together “reverberate the mind.”

Some great pointers to bear in mind when creating your next social media masterpiece!

Source: The Line

Image Credit: pinterest

Dior’s New Shoes


Christian Dior has unveiled a new shoe shape for the new year.

Taking its spring 1959 collection as inspiration, ‘Dioressence’ is available in several different colours and finishes, and this video short reveals just how its made.

Chain Gang

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2016

The slip dress is set to become one of spring’s hottest trends, thanks to a nod to the nineties on the runways at Céline, Calvin Klein and Saint Laurent, among others.

Calvin Klein is the spiritual home of the slip dress – its eponymous designer was responsible for launching the style onto the catwalk and into our wardrobes back in 1994.  However, it’s not the return of underwear as outerwear that caught my eye at current creative director Francisco Costa’s show – I love those chains!

And it seems that others love them too.  Sarah Burton adorned both her male and female models in beautiful body chains at Alexander McQueen…

Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 & Spring/Summer 2016

But nothing can beat Ann Demeulemeester when it comes to body jewellery, in my eyes at least.  These images are from one of my favourite shows, when Ann herself was still at the helm…

Ann Demeulemeester Spring/Summer 2010

Image Credits: vogue.com

Spiral Inspiration

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It will probably come as little surprise to learn that my love of monochrome extends to interiors.  Just as with fashion, I favour interest being created by the use of different finishes, materials and design features, rather than the use of colour.

And these simple black and white spaces provide the perfect backdrop to showcase their industrially inspired staircases…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 18.26.55

Image Credits: Pinterest

The New Femininity

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Frills and frippery are not typical fashion favourites of mine, but styled with a bit of drama, grunge or deconstruction thrown into the mix and that’s a completely different story…

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.58.21

This ‘Day Dreams’ shoot by Craig McDean for W magazine, styled by Edward Enninful, is a case in point.  Showcasing some of spring’s most feminine styles, the soft ruffles, lace and delicate floral pieces have been cleverly transformed by the boots, a bustier and beautiful black coats.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.58.46

I would happily hang any of these outfits in my closet.  There’s just that little matter of cost to contend with.  Oh well, ‘Day Dreams’ in more ways than one…

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Image Credits: Visual Optimism