Style Breakdown

Style Breakdown | MODE+MAISON

This relatively unremarkable image catches my eye each time it appears in my Pinterest feed.  While the colours (or lack of them) and clothes themselves hardly scream ‘look at me’, it’s the styling and small details that continue to draw me in…

  • The deep v-neck of that cosy knit reveals just a sliver of black lace, which provides the perfect contrast of texture, and touch of femininity, to balance the masculine inspired style.
  • Pushed up sleeves show off multiple gold bracelets which again, provide an element of femininity.  And they’re each delicate enough not to overpower.
  • The ‘just right’ relaxed fit of the simple black trousers reinforces the look’s overall feeling of ease.
  • Battered black ankle boots with trailing laces add to the air of nonchalance I associate with the wearer, as does the love-worn leather jacket.
  • A glimpse of red nail varnish adds just a touch of glamour.

I wonder, having said all this, if she just threw this look together?  Probably…

Image Credit: Pinterest



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